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Is synthetic oil better

Synthetic oil has many advantages:
  • It flows easier in cold weather, therefore no loss of prime when the oil is cold. Also, it is highly resistant to viscosity breakdown (the ability of the oil to flow easily in all temps) from heat, friction, chemical contaminants.
  • Longer change intervals: 5,000 - 7,000 miles between oil changes (compared to 3,000 for regular oil). Some folks have documented up to 25K miles between changes. However, we would not advice going that long! On the other hand, synthetic oil can have as well a few drawbacks: Cost is twice as much as conventional oil. However it lasts longer, so the actual cost increase is closer to 50 - 60 percent. It flows easily, therefore synthetic oil is not recommended for use on high mileage engines and in new engines during the break-in period because it is slippery and it limits the wearing of new mating parts within the engine.


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