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How to dispose of motor oils

Recycling the used oil from your car is simple and good for the environment. 
After draining the oil from your car’s crankcase, pour the oil into a clean, leak-proof container with a screw-on top. Many household containers are suitable, including original motor oil containers.
Never use containers that have held food, beverages or household chemicals such as bleach. Make sure that the container is clearly labelled “Used Oil,” kept out of the reach of children and pets and that it has a secure lid so it cannot spill. You can purchase containers specifically designed for carrying used motor oil at automotive supply stores.
Take the container to the nearest used oil collection centre. If your community doesn’t have a collection centre, check with your local service station or an automobile maintenance facility such as a lube centre, repair shop or car dealership. You can also look for the nearest “oil drop.” This is a petroleum industry symbol indicating that used oil is collected for recycling/reuse.

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