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How to check brake fluid

It is advisable to check the state of the brake fluid every 10,000 km. As a general rule, brake fluid should be replaced every 50,000 km (or every 2 years). 
Before you begin:
Refer to your service manual in order to locate the brake fluid reservoir.
Make sure that your car is on a stable and horizontal surface.
Ensure that the engine is cold – i.e., switched off – before taking a reading.
How to check the brake fluid level:
The brake fluid container is made of transparent plastic so you can directly check its level by looking at it.
Visually check the fluid's level. It should never be below the "minimum" level. Your brake fluid should not get used up when your vehicle is in use.
So if the level falls, it means that there is a leak in your circuit.
In this case, we recommend that you go to your garage mechanic immediately so that they can find the leak.
This will avoid problems braking and prevent serious risks for both you and other motorists.

Discover how check your level brake oil for your vehicle by following this advice. Become an expert for the maintenance of your vehicle with the video below:

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